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The Monsta tyre was developed by a group of engineers and tyre professionals with over 25 years’ experience. The strategy was to develop a tyre that would suit off-road conditions and also offer the comfort and quietness of a highway tyre. This has never been done worldwide and we wanted to develop this new tyre revolution. The way All Terrain and Off Road tyres work is that the aggressive tread patterns are designed to perform off-road maintaining grip on the desired terrain, whether it be sand, gravel, mud or rock.

These aggressive tread patterns give road noise whilst driving on the general roads. Many consumers have 2 sets of tyres both off-road tyres and on-road tyres. Interchanging for desired trips and conditions. What we found is that many want to keep the same tyres on all year round to suit all conditions.

This was the case but what was happening is uncomfortable drive quality and high road noise on their all-terrain tyres. Some vehicles never seeing the off-road conditions as the consumer was looking for an aggressive look to his vehicle.

The Monsta tyre team have engineered the All-Terrain tyre to have road comfort conditions with a comfortable driving experience with minimal road noise. This has helped the 4×4 community to have the aggressive look, comfortable ride quality and also the performance when taking their pride and joy off road.

The load ratings are the highest seen worldwide complying for the end user who has upgraded his wheels to a larger than standard size.

We have also offered the option of the white wall writing on one side for those who desire the old school 4×4 look or the classic clean black sidewall.

The Terrain Gripper has evolved to release the new Mud Warrior which is the new pattern exclusively used for serious off road performance and rock climbing. A stronger sidewall ply, sidewall pattern and all round aggressive deep pattern mud tyre with much more comfortable driving conditions than majority of others on the market.

The Mud Warrior will not disappoint off-road gripping your vehicle in any condition possible. Extensive testing in all conditions has passed test exceptionally.

Monsta Tyres is the future of the 4×4 tyre innovation and technology delivery performance, comfortability at the best value for money tyres on the market. Make Monsta tyres your choice.

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